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Talking about money in public is very sensitive. Majority of people like to keep the information about their finances very secretive. Although Christians have been confused about whether it right to save money or not. Christians are trying to figure out on the best things to do about our finances. In the Bible various verses talk about money and how to spend it. For instance, in the book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 9, it states that we should honor God with the first fruit of our produce. All these verses can still be applied in the modern day society read more here in this website.

Christians are told that they should be like the good steward. A a steward is a person that is left to take charge of once belongings in their absence. Therefore people should take care of their money as if it belongs to another person. When people are given a responsibility to spend other peoples money they ensure they keep count of every cent they spend. Hence believers should spend their money wisely because all that they own belongs to the almighty God. The bible states in the book of Colossians that those who are faithful with their money will be rewarded for more information check this page here!.

The other essential thing that Christians should be cautious is the loans they borrow. In the book of Romans Christians are told to be watchful of the money they borrow. There is need to take a loan that we are sure that we can pay for. It is not appropriate to borrow what we cannot afford to pay. The bible says that lenders should not expect to paid too. The reason is that people are supposed to give and forget since it is not theirs but Gods. The bible says that people that love money can do anything so that they can get whatever they need.

Christians are also told to use the money for a good reason. It is okay to borrow a loan to take care of essential things such as paying for school fees if at all your are a parent. It is also good to save to prepare for the coming of a baby. Or taking care of widows and orphans in the society. As long as one is not taking a loan to misuse the money.

There is so much to say about what the Bible says in regards to money. People should make sure they spend their money in the right way. Spending in the right way means to ensure that one can account for every cent they spend. A Christian can figure out when they are spending their money inappropriately, since they have a conscious. Therefore before doing anything with our money there is need to ask ourselves whether it is right or wrong.

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