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What Items Should Be Included in an Emergency Car Kit?

Unfortunately, emergencies can occur at any time. When an emergency strikes while being in a car, the situation can often prove life-threatening. Thankfully, there is an emergency car kit people can carry in their car at all times. These kits allow a person to be properly prepared for a variety of emergency situations so they are protected and safe. When purchasing these kits, it is imperative people consider these important items and make sure they are included.

  • A charged cell phone is crucial for any emergency situation. Though most people on the planet have a cell phone, many do not make sure it is fully charged. It can be helpful to purchase a pre-paid phone that is fully dedicated to emergencies. Keep the phone charged so it is ready to use and keep it inside the emergency kit for easy access.
  • A first aid kit should always be included in a car kit because one never knows when injuries may occur. Bandaids, gauze, antiseptic, pain reliever and burn ointment are all items that should be included to ensure any wounds can be properly treated.
  • Small fire extinguishers should be included to put out any engine fires that may occur. It is important the extinguisher is rated for treating class B or class C fires. Drivers need to make sure the extinguisher has been safety inspected and is stored correctly.
  • Three reflective warning triangles can alert traffic to your emergency so the vehicle is not in danger of being hit. These should be placed at least fifty feet apart and right behind the vehicle.
  • Foam tire sealant can be especially beneficial in the event of a flat tire. These sealants can allow a driver to safely drive a short distance until they can get help with their tire. It is also prudent to include a tire gauge for checking the air pressure of the tires.
  • Flashlights with extra batteries are always welcome in any emergency situation. Multipurpose tools are also beneficial because they can be used in a variety of different ways.

There are many items that people consider being a must-have when it comes to packing an emergency kit for a car. Thankfully, people can purchase kits that are already packed with the needed items.

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