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Excellent Kotton Grammer Testimonials and Review

Kotton Grammer Testimonials and Review

Personal Experience and Results

There’s no question that Kotton has impacted 1,000’s of lives, not only through his digital agency Kotton Grammer Media, but also through his investment in mentoring the next generation of digital marketers and SEO experts through grammer testimonial pic

In the last few years, Kotton has proven himself to be a digital marketing and SEO guerilla, coming out of seemingly nowhere to claim #1 rankings in cities around the world for top competitive keywords in the law, SEO, healthcare, and other niches. There’s no question that his SEO expertise exists but his true talent is in customer acquistion. There is no one who better understands how to run a highly profitable SEO agency, and grow their clientele to nearly 7 figures a month. Kotton is a master at identifying a client’s problem and creating the solution.

What Have I learned From Kotton Grammer?
I’ll be honest, in the beginning, it was hard for me to relate to Kotton because he clearly invested every waking moment into building his agency. I thought there was no way that I could create similar results to Kotton because my life does not allow for 24/7 SEO efforts burning the midnight oil grinding as a single guy. I work from home and raise my two young children.

However, as I started tuning in to what he was teaching, and started implementing, there are some big takeaways that I’ve come to learn from Kotton.

You either build your business or beg.

ALWAYS keep building

Social media is very powerful, and not for the reasons people normally think.
Running a digital agency is the BEST way to build a full time income working from home.

The snowballing power of referrals

Velvet ropes. Need I say more?
There are many specific SEO and client-getting strategies that I’ve learned from Kotton specifically but it is the overarching concepts of building a solid foundation for incredible growth and momentum that will make the most difference for anyone who is looking to build their digital SEO business.

There’s no question that Kotton is a leader in the industry. Besides being mentioned in major publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the Huffington Post, Kotton regularly has 100’s of people tuning in to his weekly training sessions and he produces 1,000’s of comments per session.

His social media following is impressive and he can be found on all major channels, with 10,000’s of followers. Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and youtube are just a few of the channels that he pulls a major fan base and influences business owners.

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