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Best Motivational Talk By Stuart

Stuart giving a motivational talk to college students, he shares: success tips, humor, inspirational quotes, and life experiences!!!  Stuart believes that “life is all about choices”, however, he didn’t choose to be born premature weighing a mere 3lbs, nor did he choose his home for his first two months of life, as he […]

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Best D. Denzel Music Professional

Artist Name D. Denzel i’m a Brooklyn-born Toronto-raised rapper.Born in Bk stayed till 11. I was left in nyc alone at 11 after 9/11due to moms immigration couldn’t return due to 11 years being there no papers. reunited at 12 in Canada I have Been Doing it on my own since 15 joined military at […]

Arts & Entertainment

Kuwait Classic Car Show Video

@karenina.martawita twitter @karenmartawita _________________________________________________________ Hi guys, i want to show you a lot of of vintage cars show in Kuwait, the show event located in Kuwait Tower. Mostly the old car displayed at that time come from American brands, such as ford, chevrolet, chrysler and etc. If you cannot watch the show you can go […]