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Myths and Facts

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There are always myths accompanied with any medication and many conditions. It can be easy to be swayed against some medications just from what you hear. Before you decide for or against a medication, you should always get the facts. Here are some basic facts on generic Viagra, a medication used for the treatment of ED symptoms.

Myth 1 – It Cures ED

While many doctors prescribe generic Viagra for the treatment of ED, the drug does not actually cure the condition. If you are expecting it to be the cure-all, you will be disappointed. What it does is allow you to enjoy physical intimacy with your partner while your doctor is diagnosing the reason for your ED. Since ED can be caused by numerous factors, it can take some time to figure out the cause. Often it is a process of elimination where the doctor performs tests to rule out other health issues. During this time, the drug is working to help prevent the effects of the condition from ruining your love life.

Myth 2 – Only Older Men Need It

Another common myth is that ED only strikes older men so they are the only ones that need to take ED medication. The truth is that men of any age can suffer from ED and oral medication is often more beneficial to younger men who may not have other health problems that prevent them from taking it. Your dosage may be adjusted based on your health which is often influenced by your age. Another difference in age is that many older men with ED have physical causes while younger men may just as easily have non-physical causes. Of course, there are exceptions, which is why it is important to talk to your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Myth 3 – You Can Adjust the Dose

A common idea about medication in general is that if a small amount helps some, more must be better. Or the person may feel that he is qualified to adjust the dosage on his own. However, even though generic Viagra (Sildenafil) is safe for many men to take, the dosage should not be adjusted without your doctor’s recommendation. Some men are given a lower dosage because of other medications they are taking or because of other conditions.

Myth 4 – It is Not Safe to Take

If you have heard about possible side effects that could result from taking ED medication, you may think that sildenafil is not safe to take. However, this is not the case as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions and provide all information about your health history beforehand. Most healthy males can take the drug with no problems at all. If you do experience any issues that you think may be side effects, contact your doctor.

Taking the right medication for your ED can make life good again.

November 19, 2014

More teenagers using ED Medicine following myths online about the drug

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Millions of men around the world are affected erectile dysfunction which is a well-known condition. Due to the nature of the condition, its main treatment – Viagra – has become one of the most popular drugs in the world. Many people do not understand how Viagra works, and want to use it as a sex enhancer even if they are not having sexual difficulties. This is especially true for teenagers.

Many people see Viagra as an aphrodisiac that will give you the power to have amazing, non-stop sex following the myths that have been floating around about Viagra online for years.

There is, however, simply no truth in this. Viagra does nothing for your desire to have sex, and will not give you automatic erections. You must be aroused for Viagra to work. Secondly, Viagra only works for 4 hours, and you can only take it once per day. This means you will not have sex all day and all night, even if you are aroused. If you already get adequate erections, Viagra will not do much to improve your sex life.

Teenagers, believing these Viagra myths, have been using Viagra recreationally for years. These teens are looking to increase their sexual performance and impress their girlfriends and friends. Many see sexual performance as a characteristic of “manliness”, and therefore use Viagra as a way to be the “top man” in school. Many teens use Viagra privately or inside their relationships, but others use it at parties or clubs.

Most people think of Viagra and erectile dysfunction as an “older man’s problem”, and no one really saw the craze among young people coming. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, and does affect some teenagers. However, even if a teen has a legitimate reason for needing Viagra, it is not a good idea for men under 18. The FDA has only approved Viagra in men over the age of 18, and harmful effects could occur to your health if you use Viagra as a teenager.

Viagra can be dangerous for teenagers on its own, but an even bigger problems is that many young men are using Viagra in combination with other drugs. Ecstasy, alcohol, and other popular “club drugs” are top on the list for drugs mixed with Viagra. These combinations not only get the user higher, but they also increase energy – this can be dangerous in a club environment. Dehydration and prolonged erections are concerns, and both can lead to permanent damage and dehydration can lead to death. Additionally, drugs like alcohol may make your desire for sex increase, but it actually decreases your sexual performance ability – which is the opposite of your goals.

Using Viagra while high can also lead to a lower likelihood of using protection. Viagra will not protect you from STDs or pregnancy, so it is important to use other methods to prevent these things. Viagra is safe and effective for most men, but is not a good choice for people with certain medical conditions or who are using certain medications.

November 7, 2014

Money can be saved by making a switch to generic Cialis

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Erectile dysfunction is a terrible condition that does more than wreak havoc on a person’s sex life. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction face an increased risk for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, guilt, and relationship problems – sometimes leading to divorce! On top of this, many men do not seek treatment because they are embarrassed about their condition. However, erectile dysfunction is very common, not a character flaw, and has an easy treatment! There is no reason not to get treatment and be back on the road to a healthy sex life.

In the past, men needed to have complex surgeries or use awkward external devices in order to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, however, there are multiple drugs available so that all you have to do to get back in the sack is swallow a single pill. Although these drugs are safe and effective for most men, they are not cures for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is caused be an underlying condition (physiological, psychological, or medicinal), and until you address this cause, you will likely continue to suffer from it. This sometimes means that a man will be using drugs to treat erectile dysfunction for a long time, and this can get expensive quick.

One of the most popular drug is Cialis even though there are a variety of drugs to choose from. Cialis is more popular than others because it kicks in the quickest – in as little as 15 minutes for some men – and lasts the longest. Many men will see results from Cialis for up to 36 hours! With the other drugs, you are limited to a 4 hour window. This means by using Cialis you can have spontaneous sex multiple times over an entire weekend without having to worry about your drug losing effects or needing to take another pill.

Although this means you will need fewer pills than you would by choosing another drug, and therefore you will save money, you can still save more by switching to generic Cialis and by shopping online.

Once a patent on a drug has expired generic drugs then become available on the market. To ensure that they are identical to the brand name drug, and have the same results they go through rigorous testing and have to meet high standards. Because they do not have to go through the research and development, or marketing, that is required for brand name drugs, prices for generic Cilais and other generic drugs can sometimes be up to 70% off!

You can purchase generic pills at your local pharmacy, but you will save even more by going online. Hundreds of online pharmacies are available to fulfill your order for either brand name or generic Cialis. These pharmacies often come with additional benefits such as extra free pills, fast and free worldwide shipping, and returning customer discounts.

Cialis is safe and effective for most men, but it is always a good idea to see a doctor to make sure it will be safe for you. A doctor can also look for the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction in order to get it out of your life for good.

November 7, 2014