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The Whole Truth About Fading Acne Scars

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Unsightly scars that appear on the face are usually the result of severe acne. Cystic acne or common acne that has ruptured are the main causes. It is a common problem that most people desire to have corrected as soon as their acne finally clears up. There is the option to have a procedure done in a doctor’s office to fade acne scars, as well as things you can do yourself at home.

Some people would be pleased with the appearance of their face if only they could just find a way to fade their acne scars. These are usually attention-drawing red or purple and are hard to cover up. Since scars are permanent, it is desirable to find a way to lessen their appearance. There are over-the-counter creams that can gradually fade acne scars. Mederma is available without prescription and even offers a money-back guarantee. It doesn’t claim to completely rid your face of scars, but it will visibly fade them. Mederma is expensive but one tube can go a long way. And if the scar fades then repeated usage is not necessary. If the scar is indented, the appearance of the scar is mainly caused by the shadow. The way this is treated it through basic collagen injections.

There are skin resurfacing treatments available that can reduce the visibility of acne scars. They usually require more than one visit and could become expensive. The common procedures done to fade acne scars are dermabrasion and laser treatment. The long-term safety of laser treatment is uncertain so there has been controversy and debate surrounding this procedure. Dermabrasion is safe but you will have to endure recovery afterwards.

Daily exfoliation and application of Vitamin E oil is an effective way to fade acne scars cheaply at home. Most people do not want to spend a lot of money on something cosmetic and this is a very safe way. The longer the scar has been present, the more difficult it will be to alter its appearance. It may be possible to fade acne scars at home if they are mild. Lemon juice has been a success in fading scars for many people. The citric acid that it contains help to remove dead skin cells, increase skin elasticity, and help new cell growth. It could be irritating for people with sensitive skin but it will most likely fade the scars. Aloe Vera is also known for its healing ability and could also help to fade scars. The best aloe to use is determined by how much of it is combined with inactive ingredients that can dilute the healing properties.

An exfoliating serum that you can purchase is the Bliss Sleeping Pill Serum. It uses amino acids to exfoliate you skin and lighten dark scars. Another over-the-counter way to fade acne scars is with a product called Advance Complex Fade Gel. It is used for treatment of dark spots, such as scars, and is specially formulated for people with dark skin. It also contains sunscreen to keep the dark spots from ever coming back.

Resource guide for natural acne treatment.

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April 30, 2013

Cat Allergy

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The last report shows that number of the people in the USA who are suffering from the cat allergy is around of the six and ten million. Still, people are little confused about symptoms of the allergy, especially when it is about allergy on cats. The majority of the people are thinking that cat allergy is caused with the allergens from the cat dander. But, the most of the allergens are come mainly from seat and saliva.

These allergens contain a carbohydrate structure which is also known as Fel d 1. This is the main allergen which causes allergy on cat. Fel d 1 is much smaller than mold or pollen, still, no matter of the size of it, Fel d 1 is also allergen. Fel d 1, mold and pollen are actually microscopic and they are floating very easily in the air. After that cat lick itself, Fel d 1 is grooming and it is deposited on its fur.

After this happen the dried specks of saliva may float off and come around of your home. Still, the protein may be everywhere in your home. It could be on your furniture, windows, walls, beds, pillows and other. But, thing that is very interesting is that this allergen may remain for years in your home, no matter that you don’t have cat anymore in your house. Totally cleaning is must if you want to protect yourself from cat allergy.

Symptoms of Allergy

There are various places of your body that may react on the allergy symptoms. Usually, that places are throat, ears, nose, lungs, eyes, or your skin. After exposing to the cause of the allergy, the first symptoms are occurring between fifteen and forty minutes. Still, it needs days when it is about cat allergy for starting with symptoms.

The most often symptoms when it is about cat allergy are:

Wet, red colored, itchy and swollen eyes

Areas of the skin covered with the red color


Runny nose and post nasal drip

Wheezing and coughing

Stuffed up ears

Nasal congestion and others

Controlling of Cat Allergy

The best solution is avoiding of the symptoms which cause allergy at you. Still, considering that you can not live in isolation and in vacuum, people are simply exposed to the symptoms of the allergy, especially when it is about cats or pats. People who love pets, especially cats, simply can not peace with the fact that they should to leave them. Still, here are some recommendations that you may follow for keeping control of your cat allergy:

Try to use allergy reliefs and other product fro reducing reacting symptoms of in your home.

Daily and constant ventilation of your hose by using air condition, but it is much better with opening your windows even and during rainy days will help you a lot.

Using of HEPA filter will help you to protect yourself from cat allergen, but also and form other allergens.

April 30, 2013

The Whole Truth About Acne Scar Removal

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Do you avoid mirrors and hide your face because of ugly acne scars? Acne is a common problem among people of all ages, especially teenagers. Perhaps your skin has cleared up and you are left with embarrassing scars that you don’t know how to get rid of. It could effect you psychologically as well as emotionally. Luckily for you, there are various treatments for acne scar removal.

The first step you should take in this process is to consult a dermatologist. Acne scar removal procedures have become very common. Remember when choosing a method of removal, consider the condition of your skin. If you have sensitive skin you should try the least abrasive procedure available. Acne scar removal is the key to regaining smooth and healthy looking skin.

Some acne scar removal options are dermabrasion, collagen injections, steroid injections, laser treatment, radiotherapy, or chemical peels. Some treatments may not completely remove all scars but the appearance of most of them will lessen dramatically. Your doctor’s recommendation toward a certain procedure depends on the type and severity of the scarring.

Dermabrasion is a procedure done under local anesthetic in which the doctor will remove the top layers of skin with a sanding instrument. It is one of the most effective treatments available for facial scar removal. It is not recommended for people with darker skin because it could reveal lighter layers of skin, which could cause another problem with your appearance.

Collagen injections are a less permanent solution to acne scars. They generally last from 3-6 months and require future injections to maintain their effect.

Steroid injections are a long term treatment for acne scar removal. The side effects of this procedure are minimal, but there is a chance that the scars will still remain visible.

Laser treatment is still in an experimental phase. The use of a vasecular laser may fade the color of scars. A carbon dioxide laser may flatten scars and resurface the skin, however this effect is not definite. This procedure is not recommended due to the uncertainty in the safety of the treatment.

Radiotherapy is a controversial treatment and is only recommended for extreme cases. It is used to prevent the reoccurrence of severe scarring. The long-term side effects, even in the small doses of this treatment, is the risk of cancer induced by radiation.

A chemical peel is a minor form of surgery that can be done by a cosmetologist. This is usually the solution to getting rid of minor scarring. A layer of skin is removed by the application of chemicals. Afterwards, a new layer of skin can form and reduce your scars.

For some people, more than one type of treatment is necessary for the best outcome. Each person’s face and skin are different and it is necessary to research these and other procedures available for you. Realistically, some people may not get rid of the appearance of scars completely.

Choosing the right dermatologist is as important as choosing your treatment. Qualifications and experience are key factors to look at. You can read about a dermatologist in any area online ( Acne scar removal can get expensive so you shouldn’t rush to give your money to just anyone. A good doctor will work closely with you to get your skin appearing as clear and smooth as possible.

April 29, 2013

The Allergy

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Nowadays, there are defined more types of allergies, but one of the most common is food allergy. As it is name said, food allergy is type start up as reaction of contact, but more after entering certain food on which you are too sensitive. With this sensitive it means that you have been already taken this food before. But, your immune system sees substances of the food as harmful to your body, so it attacks against the protein.

As reaction of entering “sensitized” food into your organism, your body, specific type of the antibodies which are also known as IgE which are “fitting” with the proteins. This reaction of your immune system influences on triggering an allergy.

The reaction may be mild or sever with uncomfortable symptoms. There are various symptoms of the allergy, some of them are: swelling of the tongue and face, difficult breathing, rash which is also known as “hives”, runny nose, water eyes, throat swelling, nausea and in the worst situation death or also anaphylaxis.

Tips For Managing Food Allergy:

1. Make a Plan. It is recommendation for you to make the list of the food which you need to avoid. Also, you may talk or ask for more advices as help about what kind of products which will be changes for your “forbidden food” with the special dieticians. Try to find out about more recipes which you may use as introduction how to prepare your food. Also, lot of information you may find into the libraries but also and online.

2. Explain Your Needs. If you are ordering the food at some restaurant with the telephone, you need to explain person to who you are ordering why the chef must not put some of ingredients in your meal. Even if you are eating out in restaurant and you are ordering food that is not familiar to you, try always to discuss about ingredients of it.

3. Take Extra Supplies. Whenever that you go out you should to take extra supplies. It is because it could happen that you may spend more time on some places than you have planned. Taking lunch packet will save you not only from the staving off the hunger, but also and save you from the restaurants that are selling the food which influence on starting up with allergy.

4. Keep a Food and Symptoms Diary. It would be very helpful if you may write symptoms and food diary, which will contains what food triggered symptoms of the allergy. So, it’s not only that you may write food which is “forbidden” for you, but also and tolerable foods.

5. Show People That You Have Serious Problem With Allergy. No matter how much it looks to you uncomfortable, you should not eat food that trigger allergy at you. It is recommendation to make people aware that you are allergic, even if you are unknowingly ingest, you should to meet people why you can not eat some food.

6. Freeze Food. With making food that you should to eat, you will save time, because you will freeze bigger amounts of it and backing when you want to eat.

7. Take Allergy Translation Cards. If you are going on some trip in other country in which people are talking with other language, different from yours, it is very helpful to have allergy translation cards.

April 29, 2013

The Whole Truth About Acne Scar Prevention

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Scarring as a result of acne can be permanent and depressing. Acne scar prevention is important to anyone who gets blemishes because scars are a permanent reminder of your struggle with bad skin. A scar is characterized by a discolored, slightly raised, or slightly indented mark that remains visible for an extended period of time. After a blemish heals, within a few weeks you should not be able to tell what was once there.

Acne scar prevention is quite simple. Severe cases of acne should never be left untreated. Cystic acne is the most prevalent in causing scar. Visit a dermatologist so he can figure out the best method to treatment of your acne. He/She may choose to inject a corticosteroid into a cyst to decrease the inflammation if it appears bad enough to cause a scar. Avoid rupturing pimples at all costs. Rupturing the wound will dramatically increase the possibility of scars. Squeezing or picking at a spot will also make an infection worse.

If you suffer from acne, it is best to find a good medicine. Acne scar prevention is much easier to accomplish if there is a minimal amount of infections to maintain. Over-the-counter medicines work for most people, but if it is desired, a dermatologist could assist you in prescribing the best treatment for your skin.

Boosting the healing process and decreasing the inflammation of acne works best for acne scar prevention. Being directly exposed to the sun slows down healing and can further the irritation to an existing blemish. Always wear a good, non-greasy sunscreen if you plan to be outside for an extended amount of time. Leave scabs that form to fully run their course. Scabs are present to heal and rebuild your skin to its best condition. Removing a scab before it should come off can re-infect the area and cause increased inflammation.

If your skin has developed scars before you learned proper acne scar prevention, there are ways to correct them. Simple procedures such as chemical peels or dermabrasion can be performed to re-establish the appearance of healthy and clear skin. It can be a painful and expensive process depending on the condition of the scarring. More than one type of treatment may be necessary in some cases to get the best result. A dermatologist is the best person to determine what is right for you. Unfortunately in some instances, scars may still be vaguely present even after numerous scar removal procedures.

Remember that acne scar prevention is a process and its takes work, but it is worth it. Some people just want to not worry with their acne and just hope that it clears up on its own. If you don’t take care of your acne or your skin, then it could leave ugly scars on your face. Scars cause skin to prematurely appear old and discolored. Then you will have lasting memory of the time you had trouble with acne and regret that you didn’t take precautions when you still had the chance.

April 28, 2013

Allergy Symptoms

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Allergic is present when your body reacts on substances to which it was exposed before. For example, if you have eaten food that contain shellfish first time in your life and when you eat it next time, if you are allergic on the shellfish, you will get symptoms of the allergy, such as rashes or similar.

Allergy may occur at your body for things which may be not problematic for most people. These things are known as allergens and as reaction to them your body sends symptoms and signals that your immune system is in dangerous.

Most Common Allergy Symptoms

There are more symptoms that are noted in the moment when your body overreact on the allergens. Some of them are: itchy eye, roof of the mouth and nose, watery eyes, runny and stuffy nose, dark circles under the eyes, sneezing, hives, and face’s pressure, especially in area of the cheeks and nose and others.

Causes of Allergy Symptoms

There are no exactly reasons why allergies are developing at some people. According to the some studies, the allergies are most caused with the genetic code or hereditary. But, also there are and other side, that says that allergies are something which is developing during the time and also disappear during the time. The fact is that there are several factors which are influence on triggering of the body to respond on allergy symptoms.

There are more allergens that triggering body to react, but the most common allergens are pollen from trees, grass and weeds. These symptoms are mostly comes into the early spring, but also they may come in the late summer too.

Direct contact with the most caused symptoms, such as pollen, or molds first symptoms of the allergy come through the skin. Some places of the home are exposed to the water, such as your kitchen or bathroom. In these places water is collecting during the time, which is cause of molds. But, also mold could be found in the hay, rotting logs, compost piles, or similar. Still, symptoms of the allergies become worse if they are in combination with the humid or rainy weather.

There are also and other allergen, but one of the most causes at the patients with the pats, of the allergy is animal dander. Furry pets, such as dogs and cats contain proteins which are found in the saliva, skins and urine of them. You may influence on developing of these symptoms if you are touching animals or if you are in contact with dust from your house which is full of animal dander.

Connected with the previous allergen, there are also and allergen which are present all over your house and it is dust and dust mites. These little microorganisms are living in mattresses, bedding, pillows and furniture in your house.

Ways for Controlling Allergy Symptoms

It is the fact that you can not live in the vacuum, so that’s why it is very difficult to avoid allergens that influence on reaction of your body. Still, keeping clean house is the number one if you are allergic on the symptoms from house. Showering, cleaning mold and avoiding runny days is something that you may practice to protect yourself.

April 27, 2013

Allergy Relief

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The number of the people who are suffering of the allergy in the USA is in increasing. Nowadays, there are about 44 million people in USA who are suffering from this. There are several natural factors which may cause allergy, so some of them are dust, pollen, mold as external factors which your body may comes in contact such as chemicals in food or food, dust mites or other.

As the causes of the allergies are different, there are also and symptoms and signs of allergies are greatly different. There are symptoms which are only mildly inconvenient, such as swelling or itching, but also there are and symptoms which may be very uncomfortable, such as diarrhea, difficult breathing, vomiting or other. Still, the worst things that symptoms of allergies may cause are death and anaphylaxis, known as collapse due the allergies.

Allergy Relief And Treatments

There are various forms of the treatments which you may use for allergy relief. Still, for using some of them you will need to consult with your doctor, before you start with using some of them. So, one of the effective treatment of allergy is injections with small amounts of substance which are also allergic. This treatment is also known as immunotherapy and it works with concept that once your immune system used substances which influence on the allergy, it will no longer respond when they enter again into your body.

Still, for results with using this method for allergy relief you will need more time. Usually it needs for one or more years for results.

Allergy Relief Shots and Who May Get Them

Allergy relief shots should to use people who very clearly have reaction of allergy with using specific types of the foods or some environmental factors.

With the words of an allergist Stanley P. Galant, in Orange Country in California, allergy shots work very good and extremely at patients, especially for those who clearly have allergic symptoms. But, it should be added that allergy relief shots don’t have same effect on all patients. Actually, patients with allergies such as house mites, molds and animal dander do not react on this product. Still, with standardization of extracts for dust mites and car dander it could get better preparation that may help.

When it is about immunotherapy, it should to mention that you can use it, before the doctor doesn’t done blood test or skin test for determining what exacts factors influence on causing allergy at you.

It is essential for patient to have igE antibodies to the allergens, for using immunotherapy. It also confirmed by John Yunginger, M.D., who is a member of FDA’s Allergenic Product Advisory Committee.

IgE is shortcuts of the immunoglobulin E. This is an antibody which immune system produces with the first time of exposing to the allergens. Next time when you are exposed to the allergen, your immune system will produce lots of igE which will react on the allergy. That’s why it is necessary that igE antibodies are present at the patient.

April 27, 2013